Did you know, Colorado is one of the most hail-prone states in the U.S.? It is a fact that hail occurs more frequently in the Rockies than anywhere else in North America. Our hail season here in Colorado lasts from April 15 to September 15 with the highest frequency of damaging hail appears to occur near the border of Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. Read some more facts about hail below:

  • Hail is more variable (from place to place and year to year) than almost any other climatic event.
  • Destructive hail occurs most frequently on the western Great Plains.
  • Colorado hail storms occur most frequently in June and are most likely to be destructive in mid-June. However, in parts of southeastern Colorado, including Pueblo, August is the worst hail month.
  • Hailstones of 1 to 2 inch diameters may fall at a rate of 80 miles per hour.
  • Stones as large as 4.5 inches in diameter have been observed in northeastern Colorado and can do incredible damage. Stones of that size have been known to penetrate some roofs.

If you experience hail damage this season, reach out to your insurance provider then contact Palace Restoration to help you restore your property. A minor hail-damaged roof can turn into big water problems later.