In as few as 24-72 hours, mold growth as a result of standing water can become a hazard for your family, pets or tenants.

Mold can happen anywhere and becomes a major health concern quickly without decisive action. Short-term concerns include skin and eye irritation but, left untreated, mold can cause lasting respiratory problems or worse.

Don’t wait, get help now…

What to Expect from Palace:

Our Mitigation Team will respond quickly to remove water from your home or business, if necessary. We will work with your insurance carrier throughout the process and assist you in answering any questions they may have for you. We will have the air in your home or business tested for the presence of mold. We will set up containment barriers around the affected area and install special equipment to clean your air. If water is still present, we will begin to dry your property including flooring, drywall, framing and other structural elements, as necessary. We’ll also catalog your belongings and salvage what we can. We use the latest antimicrobial cleaning products including environmentally-friendly agents when appropriate. This entire process is documented from start to finish with moisture readings and photos. Once dry, our skilled Reconstruction Team will work efficiently to restore your property to pre-loss conditions. Finally, we will have the air in your home or business tested again to safeguard your health.

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