Have you ever wondered what would happen if a car drove into your house? While there is the car insurance and the home insurance, you might be confused on the exact direction that the case would take before you can have Palace Restoration come to restore your home to its original condition. We’d like to help you understand the different policies that come into play.

Dealing With Insured Drivers

Auto insurance policies have a property damage clause that will pay for the damages to your home up to a point – listed on the driver’s insurance policy under that clause.

Dealing With Uninsured Drivers

Most homeowners’ insurance policies have a clause that covers a car crashing into your house — it’s listed as a “covered peril.”

Your Homeowner’s Policy

Your homeowner’s insurance will likely pay for any additional damages to your home above and beyond the at-fault driver’s auto policy limits. A standard homeowner’s policy protects the policyholder for damages to his or her dwelling and connected structures (like a garage) caused by such hazards as fire, smoke, theft, vandalism, windstorm and others, including vehicles.

Read your homeowner’s policy to make sure it specifically covers damages due to vehicles. If you do not see “vehicles” listed or you have any questions regarding the subject, be sure to contact your agent.

Fixing the Damage

Once an insurance agent verified that you have coverage, contact Palace Restoration for repair services. We are experienced in handling all types of damages. We offer 24/7 emergency services and can be reached at any given time. We will restore your property and carry out all the necessary repairs, and you can go back to your normal business without much worry. Get in touch with us today, to find out more about our services.