Have you ever asked yourself, why would I need a restoration company? If you have never experienced a household emergency such as fire damage, water damage or mold in your home then you may not know what it is that a restoration company does.

Let’s pretend for a moment it is the middle of winter and you have had a ski vacation planned for months. The pets are in daycare, the heat is turned down and you are off. While away there were temperatures below freezing and your upstairs bathroom pipe burst causing water to run through the ceiling to your main floor, freeze and repeat causing damage throughout your home. You are having a great time with fresh snow hitting the ski slopes when you receive a call from your neighbor that there is water coming out your front door.

Can you imagine at that moment how hopeless you would feel if this really occurred? Would you know at that moment whom to call or what to do next? If you are like most people, the first call you would make would be to a plumber to get the leak under control. However, the second call you should make would be to a restoration company, as they would be able to help clean and dry your walls, floor and any other items that could have damage. In addition, they would also be the team that would help you rebuild and restore your home back to its post-damaged state.

The typical household emergency can be classified as water damage from a leaky pipe as listed above, a fire that causes destruction because of structural damage, smoke and soot or an inspection for removal of the hazardous and silent kind of mold that often causes illness in people who live among it.

The basic goal of a restoration company is to remediate and restore your home or business any time it is faced with an emergency. This means that the company can clean the damage, but as a licensed general contractor they can also rebuild it! Some companies can provide a “pack-out” service in which they come to your home or business and box up your personal items that have become damaged, bring to their facility and clean and sanitize the contents, along with being stored until your home or business is completed.

It is important to ask questions and research the company you choose to handle your emergency.