Many people ask, “am I safe in my home during mold removal?” Ultimately, the answer depends on the location and amount of mold present. While a small project may be completed quickly with minimum interruption, a larger project can go on for weeks.

Mold can spread quickly across your property and affect the health and safety of everyone in the home so it is important to call a mold remediation service as soon as you find it. Mold will slowly consume building materials while dispersing tiny spores that can severely impact the health and safety of everyone on the property.

If the mold is contained within one room, you shouldn’t have to vacate the property, but if the main areas of the home, like living room, kitchen, or dining room, are affected, you should consider alternative housing.

During the remediation process machines, such as dehumidifiers, can cause considerable noise and can disrupt sleep. Additionally, the interruption to daily life may be unbearable if more invasive measures, such as drywall removal, is required.

If you notice any musty smells and are worried that you might have mold growth, it will be best to call a mold inspection service that will be able to locate all types of mold on the property.  After the inspection service, you will have clearance to call a mold removal service. By calling Palace Restoration, our team will respond with professional methods to remove the source of the mold and return to a clean-living environment; We offer 24/7 emergency services and can be reached at any time.