As we embark into summer vacation and near Fourth of July, many people think about staying safe in the sun, but they also need to consider safe practices of maintaining summertime fires. Read some tips below on fire safety:

  • Keep a 3-foot safety zone around grills, fire pits and campfires. Place grills at least 3 feet away from siding and deck railings, and away from overhanging tree branches.
  • Avoid storing a grill on a porch or balcony.
  • Open your gas grill before lighting it.
  • Clean your grill after each use to remove grease that can start a fire.
  • Build campfires at least 25 feet away from tents, shrubs and anything that can catch fire.
  • Sparklers can reach 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and cause third degree burns, so if you want to see fireworks, go to a public show put on by professionals.
  • Only use propane, charcoal or wood pellet BBQ grills outside; Indoor grilling can cause a fire or lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

If your property is damaged by a fire this summer, call your insurance then call Palace Restoration. Our Reconstruction team will perform an expert evaluation of your loss to assess the extent of any structural damage or other safety concerns. We work with your insurance carrier throughout the process and assist you in answering any questions they may have for you. We guarantee a smoke odor free environment when complete and that your property is as beautiful as ever.