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Palace Restoration continues to monitor the current Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic. Our top priority is the health and safety of our staff, our clients, and the community. We are operating at a safe capacity to serve our clients’ needs while abiding all local, state and federal guidelines. We are taking extensive actions to minimize the spread of

Tips to Stay Safe: Power Outages and Electrical Surges

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Many have learned the hard way that you should air on the side of pre-caution and make sure your home is prepared for a power failure or an electrical surge - a sudden increase in voltage that can damage your home’s electrical components. It never hurts to be prepared and to know what to

Winter Preparation Checklist

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Winter is known for bringing seasonal challenges that can affect homes and businesses, yet most owners are unaware of the work that needs to be put into their infrastructure before the season hits. The wrath of last year’s winter revealed that many home and business owners were left unprepared to deal with the massive

Carpet Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

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Let’s face it – carpeting for a house is a major expense. It is an even bigger one for an entire managed community. For many, deep cleaning their carpet is often in response to a spill or an ornery pet. While this can restore the appearance of a room, it may not have much